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Clearing the Most Common Myths on Alternate Career Paths!

Dilemma of choosing the right career path is a common problem in every student’s life. The pressure starts mounting when they reach higher secondary.

While thinking about choice of career, there are a lot of myths that students have. One such is about whether or not to have an alternate career path.

While being focused is a key to success, but who said that you should be focused on only one path.

During school we have multiple subjects, do we not concentrate on each, and try to master all of them.

Similarly, we can have an alternate option as a career, not that we have to work on two career options at the same time, but having an alternate career option is like Plan B, that is going to reap its benefits in the future.

Break These Myths

  • There can never be two dream careers
    A very common question that we all are asked right from our early schooling years is what do we want to become when we grow old.
    Usually, the answer is a one liner, like I wish to be an Engineer, or a Pilot, or a writer.
    Never have we heard someone saying that I wish to be a lawyer and a creative writer, or a doctor and a teacher, but the question is why not.
    A lawyer is a pro in researching and that is exactly what even writers do, similarly a doctor has a lot to study and be steady, and those are the skills expected from a teacher too.
    Therefore, it is a myth that you can think and work on only one career.
    Basically when you are working on carving a particular career, there are many other skills that are developing within you, which can be used later to opt for an alternate career.
  • The only way to succeed is by earning more degrees
    While there are regular talks being held about holistic education, as students little do we know about how well this type of learning can help us.
    Holistic learning teaches us that upgrading our skills is not only about improving our grades, but also about being able to thrive in any situation.
    It also up skills us in a way that in future we can opt for an alternate career, if we wish to, and that does not require too many degrees, but rather skills.


Schools like KENNEDY HIGH the global school are not just educational institutions, but an innovative approach that helps students to grow as fearless individuals, helping them to break myths that are nothing but barriers of mind, that will mar the students’ growth.

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