Pre-Primary - Facilities

Co-Curricular Arena

Art and craft is integrated with all main subjects so that whatever is being taught is reinforced by hands-on activity.

Tata Edge class rooms provide interactive screen with overhead projector which helps the students learn in a fun-filled way.

Music concentrates on harmony through songs and rhymes based on the lessons being imparted.

Dance focuses on free movement and enjoyment through basic steps, rhythm and beats.

Field trips: The pre-primary wing at KENNEDY HIGH takes the children on two field trips every year, one is an educational trip and the other is a pleasure trip.

Kiddie zone is a window to the real world for the little learners. They learn the art of buying and selling through mock markets, in addition to play zones like Ball pit etc.,

Soft-skills programme is centred around competitions which encourage and boost a child’s confidence through various activities like public speaking, team work, role play and others during assembly or circle time.

Etiquette room teaches the kids how to behave in different situations or places, be it the drawing room, the bed room or the class room. They are also taught table manners, personal grooming and self-awareness.

3D studio is based on phonetics and visualization.

Health and Physical Education

The health and well-being of every child is taken seriously at KENNEDY HIGH and thus the focus on Games and Physical activity.

Recreation games aim at free play and circuit games like climbing, jumping, throwing ball, running, skipping, stretching, bending, balancing etc. to develop their motor skills and coordination.
Swimming is one of the main activities which kids learn to love as the session progresses.
Skating helps them learn how to balance and builds self-confidence.


KENNEDY HIGH the global school offers completely air-Conditioned transportation facility that is known for its timely and prompt services. We have an impressive fleet of buses. All the buses go through the regular maintenance drives. Special care is taken for the younger students. All our buses are equipped with First Aid kits and trained drivers as well as attendants. In order to provide additional safety, each bus is mandatory required to have one female teacher’s presence.

Computer Lab

Computer Lab

We have computer laboratories with fully functional multimedia systems with broadband internet access provided by a dedicated router. We have separate laboratories for primary, middle and high school classes.

While teaching children the importance of mind power, we train them for effective use of computers to enhance their performance and to optimize their learning potential.

We follow the functional approach in computer training which can enliven the subjects and enable the children to explore the concepts in a virtual environment.

Digitized Classrooms

Techno Craft Class Rooms

KENNEDY HIGH the global school makes technology ubiquitous for both instruction and interaction. In the previous years we had a successful association with Educomp to provide smart class program which provides Flash animations and 3-D modules. From the Academic Year 2013-2014, we have partnered with TATA Class Edge to provide the latest technology inputs with interactive boards. Our teachers comfortably can pick up online resources in various forms like power point presentations, flash, Java Applets and simulations etc. KENNEDY HIGH the global school has evolved itself in updating the technology component and tries its best to adhere to the dynamic styles and International standards in adopting the new educational standards.

Auditoriums and Seminar Halls

Auditoriums and Seminar Halls

The CBSE Block as well as the Cambridge Block are provided with Centrally Air-Conditioned Auditoriums (400 seating capacity) for conducting House activities, Cultural activities, Quiz etc. A separate auditorium of similar capacity is available at the 4th floor at both the places.


School Library – A place to reflect.

In order to inculcate good reading habits among our students, we have facilitated two separate fully functional libraries for both our CBSE and the CAIE students.

Books are the monarchs of mind and windows to the world. Books are the quietest and the most consistent friends.They are the most accessible and the wisest counselors. Our library is fully equipped to navigate the children’s voyage to discovery. The vast library is our treasure chest to unleash creativity, imagination, and linguistic powers.

Swimming Pools

The school has two swimming pools – a splash pool for nursery students and another for the older children. In order to maintain water quality process like filtration, chlorination, pH level are regularly checked and maintained. The pool is fitted with a filtration system that works round-the-clock. The maintenance team utilizes a kit that allows them to check the levels of chlorine on a regular basis. Suction sweeping of the pool bed is done regularly.

Skating Rink

Basketball Courts

Activity Room

Art and Craft

Painting, Drawing, Sketching, Paper craft and Clay modeling and other forms of art which give a creative expression to abstract ideas also find equal priority with academics.

Art Work

Students are trained on an array of painting and drawing styles and formats which allows them express their thoughts through the hues of their paintings.


Contemporary Music, Dance and Drama are a part of the Creative and Fine Art Skills training in the curriculum to mould the child’s artistic temperament.


Fine arts offers students a hobby that allows them to develop concentration and relieve stress. We have trained faculty in both the classical and western format who tenaciously scout for new and emerging talent and hone it to perfection.

Dining Hall

Dining Hall

At KENNEDY HIGH the global school, hygienically maintained premises and centrally air conditioned dining hall with two separate kitchens caters to both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. To inculcate proper etiquette and table manners, formal lunches and dinners are served to the students. In order to maintain the right balance between healthy and tasty food, the food items are inspected on a regular basis by our nutritionist as well as by a dietician.


The well-being of our students is very important to us. KENNEDY HIGH the global school has a fully equipped 8-bed Infirmary with attached washrooms. A qualified and experienced nurse is available on campus to manage and assess any health issues that may arise during the school hours. Basic first-aid kits have been made available in high risk areas such as like the laboratories, school buses etc.,

CCTV Surveillance

At KENNEDY HIGH, CCTV cameras ensure accountability while respecting everyone’s rights. The school focuses on student safety and makes sure that their employees are reliable and responsible due to the use of CCTV cameras. Indoor CCTV cameras are installed in the school lobby, hallways, on stairs, in the school buses, senior classrooms and dining hall. Outdoor CCTV Cameras are placed on schools’ entrances, playground and parking areas. High Resolution CCTV Cameras are truly beneficial in monitoring who goes in and out of the school premises and there by having surveillance round the clock.


The school playground provides a safe outdoor environment within the school that stimulates children to use their creative energy in healthy interactions with one another. For the children of Pre-primary section, the outdoor play area at KENNEDY HIGH the global school is designed with naturalized plants, trees, flowers, water, sand and also with a wide variety of play opportunities from slides, monkey bars, and stairs to see-saw. This ensures that the children get the physical exercise they need which help them develop physical coordination, strength, and flexibility, as well as providing recreation and enjoyment and supporting social and emotional development. For the students of Primary, Middle school and Secondary school, the school has playgrounds meant for games like football, cricket, basketball courts, volleyball etc.,

3D Lab

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Kiddie Zone

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Etiquette Room

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