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Studying Abroad – A 360º View

If you are someone who loves to discover, and would like to go a step further and explore a new culture, learn a new language, and polish your interpersonal skills, in addition to getting your degree, then start planning for abroad studies.

With an increased exposure to the global atmosphere, studying abroad has become both important, and achievable compared to bygone days.

Now right from applying for universities to exploring scholarship options, and more can be done through the world wide web, aka internet.

However, the difficulty is in choosing the right university, and also the country.

Where to?

Abroad is a good option, however choosing the country and the university is where you need to be cautious, and should be vigilant about.

Ultimately, you need to be clear about your priorities.
Is diversity attracting you, or are you keen on moving out of the usual set up of your family, to explore your own self.
Whichever, may be the case, sky is the limit when it comes to making a choice to study abroad.
A brief about some of the most sought after places will help you to get an idea about which one of them suits your taste:

  • Germany
    Off late Germany has become one of the most desired option to go for among Indian students.
    The country offers some world class universities, is home to rich historic events, and has a very interesting lifestyle. You will find the people very friendly, rents cheaper, and will enjoy moderate and affordable living if you choose to go for Germany.
  • USA
    When it comes to studying abroad, US is one of the most expensive options.
    However, if US is where you wish to be, then you have the option of applying for scholarships.
    America is considered as the land of opportunities, and that is the reason why for those who wish to grow and succeed quickly, this is an ideal place.
  • France
    If you like a chic and classy lifestyle, then France is just the right spot to choose. Though many students take Paris to be the go-to destination, however, there is more to this country.
    There are many prestigious universities that you can opt for. If France is the place that you have chosen, then be ready for some real fun, wine, and a cheesy life.
    This is one country where if you are able to manage your funds well, then life will never be boring for you.
  • England
    One of the dream lands since decades for every Indian, studying in England can be quite a roller coaster ride.
    The application process is a bit complex, but once you are in the country, you will love being here.
    UK of-course holds some of the most prestigious educational institutions. Moreover, its tradition of producing great scholars, will make you feel honoured, as well as provide you an opportunity to be a part of a grand culture.


Kennedy High is a global school offering education of international standard. We are well aware of the opportunities that our students will have, when they choose to go abroad for their further studies.
This is the reason why we ensure that our students are taught as per the global standards, that would help them to adapt and settle in a foreign environment easily.

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